Utilize a variety of weapons in Boxhead Zombie Wars

Do you believe in Zombies? Have you seen one in real life? There could be mixed reviews and answers with the questions asked because there is no clear explanation about their existence or non-existence. Nevertheless, the thought of them existing creeps out our minds, body and consciousness. That is the reason why these creatures are being incorporated in different entertainment medium such movies, television series and flash games. One great example is Boxhead Zombie Wars which is an example of a flash game.

Boxhead Zombie Wars

The objective of the players in this game is to fight an army of zombies coming to their way. There will be weapons presented in the game where some are ready to use while others are waiting to be unlocked. The players must utilize the weapons because the zombies are varied in motion and characteristics. Use the arrow keys for movements. Press X for next weapon while Z for previous weapons. The spacebar is used for using your chosen weapons.

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