Twist and turn your world upside down in Shift 2

Help the shadow produced by experimentation escape and find its freedom in Shift 2. You are being tricked by the one created the shadow and he is trying everything he can to change your mind about escaping. The puzzle game is unique and you would feel challenged and puzzled on how to reach the door. It’s like a big question mark on every stage. The flipping of your character would change how the game really works. Find ways between the black and white walls to make your way out of the room.

Shift 2 (1)

Get to the room and find ways to avoid being torn between the jagged spikes. There are also keys that you pick up which open doors and move walls, as well as light bulbs that will make the checkered walls disappear. The game will make you feel nostalgic as games that came out in early 90s. It’s not just jumps but also the right timing. The game is recommend for all ages. Who likes solving and analyzing puzzles.The secret trophy in the end was nice and will make you feel worth playing it.

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