Solve the mysteries of Deadtime Stories

If you are a fan of hidden objects games and love puzzle games, you will surely love Deadtime Stories. It is a combination of finding point-and-click hidden objects and puzzle solving. Discover the world of Ms. Jessie Bodeen, a misguided voodoo queen in the 19th century in New Orleans. Your main objective is to free the trapped spirits by casting spells. But you have to concoct spells first before you cast them. To formulate a spell, you will have to find ingredients in the hidden object scenes.

You can hit the Hint button at the bottom right corner of your screen for help. Cast spells to remove the obstacles. The game has a creepy atmosphere but it is not scary at all. It contains different kinds of puzzles, some superb but some lame. You can opt to skip them if the Skip button at the top of your screen is full.


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