Red Ball Part 2

“If you love adventure and if you want to have some fun, have it all by playing Red Ball 2. This is a game where you can test you skill and ability in making a crucial decision. Red Ball 2 is a sequel of Red Ball game, one of the most played games online. This game has a little dramatic story.


One day, King Red Ball was walking and relaxing to catch some fresh air. While he was enjoying the moment, a strong wind came and got him by surprise. The wind drove his crown away. The King Red Ball walked around and looked everywhere to find his crown. Unfortunately, he was not able to find it. In that scenario, The King Red Ball is so worried because without his crown, his people in the kingdom might not able to identify him as their King. It is a great honor for you to help the King in finding his lost crown. Your journey with the King is not that easy. There are a lot of deadly obstacles along your way. While encountering with those deadly obstacles, elevate your excitement by getting all the stars as you go on your journey.

Collecting the stars is very vital in Red Ball 2 game sequel. You won’t be able to move to the next stage or level if you missed even a single star. You can monitor the number of stars to be collected, the number stars you missed and you can also track how many stars you have already collected. You can see them near the Level indicator located at the bottom corner of your screen. At the checkpoints, you have to pass the flags, do not ignore it or jump over. If you fall and die, you will return back to the last checkpoint you have reached.

There are twenty of exciting and challenging levels to look for the King Red Ball’s crown. Every level has a different environment. Just jump and roll in every level. Avoid all the obstacles and spikes ahead of you, those are very poisonous. After accomplishing your mission in helping the King Red Ball, you can go and visit the website of, there is another five more bonus levels to play.

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