Play Vex 3 and collect trophies

The internet is filled with so many online games of all genre. If you are into skill games, the Vex game series is a must try. See for yourself how far you could go without any help while at the same time enjoying this addicting game.

You choose whichever version you like to play first. However, it will be more exciting if you start with the original Vex game. Even though it is the first one, it already showed some level of difficulty especially in its few last Acts. But even so, you will find yourself seriously playing this addicting game. Vex 2 is another addicting game that will surely hook you up. In this sequel, the Acts get harder as obstacles get complicated.


Vex 3, the third installment, is said to be the hardest among the installments but probably the most addicting game. More kinds of obstacles were incorporated. More levels were added. There are new achievements to unlock. And the stick figure does not only run, jump, slide and swim. You will have to make him swing too and do some acrobatic stunts.

In the Main Menu, you will find the Play, Stage Builder, Trophies and Options. When you hit Play, you will land in the Tutorial. This will help you familiarize with how to control the stick figure and give you a general view of the game too. There are ten usual levels and nine challenge stages to complete. Try to complete each and every level in the shortest possible way and set a record. The Stage Builder was also improved. Unlike in the previous versions, there is no need to unlock building packs anymore. Even if you have not played the pre-developed game yet, you can already build a great level. And as you play, you will also unlock additional objects, obstacles and platforms for building stages. What more, you can save and share your work with family and friends.

The Trophies Room is the same as the Achievements Room in the previous version. However, as expected, this Trophies Room features forty new achievements to complete which are divided into four: the ten Standard Acts Trophies, the seven Awesome Stuff Trophies, the nineteen Hard Core Trophies and the four Completion Trophies.

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