Play It Tough With Goodgame Gangster!

Boys who like to fight and take different missions will definitely love this game! As the title explains, in Goodgame Gangster you are playing as a gangster and you need to complete certain missions. Firstly, you will choose and customize your character. You can choose a male of female character. You can make it the way you want. After your are done with this step you visit your Godfather who sets you on missions. You can also choose a mission you want to complete.

Goodgame Gangster (3)

Can you imagine what type of missions can receive a gangster like this one? Of course to eliminate some bad guys. If you complete the mission successfully you get a reward. As you complete missions you upgrade and with the money you earn you can buy different items like pistols, bullets and other stuff that you need. Arrows will be showing you your steps and make you familiar with the game. So discover this amazing game and have a time of your life!

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