Unique shooting game to tackle at Ricochet Kills 4

Shooting games are very popular through the years because of two reasons. First is because of the involvement of different shooting weapons like guns and rifle which most people are very passionate about. Second is because of the shooting action that takes place which excites and thrills most people or gamers. If you are looking for a good one, you can try the one called Ricochet Kills 4. This is the fourth offering from the game series called Ricochet Kills.


The main objective or goal of the players in each edition of the series is to shoot the target with the least possible shots. This come the projection and accuracy where one needs to strategize on how to make the shots ricochet from one target to another. The hitman is back in this game and has a new challenge of mowing enemies. In each level, you will be given 10 bullets which you should efficiently maximize. Make sure that you are good at making the bullets ricochet. Try your skills with shooting at www.ricochetkills4.com.

Enjoy playing Earn to die Super Wheel

One reason you would choose to play the Earn to Die game series is the addicting gameplay it brings. Aside from trying to reach your goal, you will also enjoy smashing zombies as you go on. And you simply have to drive, no pressure at all. It was mentioned in the first Earn to Die edition that the super wheel was missing. In fact, one wheel upgrade is not available.

But finally it was found in the sequel Earn to Die Super Wheel. As in its prequels, your aim is to drive to a safe place while plowing and crashing zombies trying to block your way. As you drive and smash zombies, you also earn cash which you can use to upgrade your vehicle. It is also your goal to buy the third and final vehicle for it is the only vehicle that has the capability to run until the goal line. In this game, it is like playing the first Earn To Die, only this time, all the upgrades are now complete. Plus everything was enhanced.


Make your virus strong and deadly in Pandemic 3

If you are looking for a game where you can bond with family or friends, try your cleverness in the Pandemic game series. In the third edition, Pandemic 3, you can now play with other players: with friends, with families or even with other players all over the world. Your goal is to develop a deadly biological virus and spread it worldwide. You must infect humans with the intention to extinct the human race.


You will earn points as the death toll rises up. You can use these points to improve your virus. When you click on the Modify button, you can increase your virus’ lethality, drug resistance and infectivity. Do not forget though that humans are intelligent creatures. They can develop a cure against your virus and make their citizens immune. You must be fast in developing your virus. Try playing this challenging game at http://www.pandemic4.org/pandemic-3/.

Be a good shooter and observant in Deadeye Game

A shooting game is one of the most challenging games existing online now because of three reasons. First is because of the objective or game proper that requires certain skill from a gamer which is sometimes absent or not yet developed in an individual which is already a challenge. Second is because of the weapons that are new and refreshing but can initiate difficulty for first time players. Last is because of the action that is thrilling and exciting which can also be a positive challenge.


One good example is the flash game called Deadeye Game. From the title, you can’t easily distinguish what kind of game it is so you have to go on further details or description. The mission of the players in this game is to shoot all the targets in each level. The difficult part is that the targets are moving fast or slow depending on the level. Make sure that you will be able to shoot all of them within the time limit to succeed.

Strategically place the bombs in Bomb It

Bomb It is a flash game which is actually the first edition or version from the highly popular game series with the same title. Since this is the first or introductory edition, there are expectations about it. First is the realization that it will start the story that gamers or players will look forward in the entire series. Second is the realization that it will start the level of difficulty in terms of game play that will get tougher and harder as the series progresses. Last is the realization that it will set the benchmark for the success of the whole series.

Bomb It  (2)

The main goal of the players who want to play this game is to defeat enemies by bombing them. There will be bombs given that you have to maximize or utilize to be successful in this edition. You will have to find the powerful weapons that can help you boost your performance. Make sure that you are the final bomber standing to acquire the highest points. Check Over Here for more information now!