Get hooked in Earn To Die 3

The zombies are still on the loose. So you are still looking for a place where you can be safe and away from them. You will not give up and you cannot give up – not now. Play the famous Earn to Die game series and get hooked up with the disarray brought about by the zombie apocalypse.

In Earn to Die 2012, it was shown that you have made it to the helicopter. However, after a while, it lost fuel and so it fell down along with all the zombies clinging on to it. Luckily, you still survived. Having a radio, you heard a broadcast from the Exodus Military Base that all survivors are urged to come quick. They will hold back as long as they can. To get there, you need a vehicle.


In Earn To Die 3, also known as Earn To Die 3 2012 part 2, is the continuation of your journey to the Military Base via Desert Dash. In this phase, you will be using three vehicles again to reach your destination. And you will need to fully upgrade each vehicle to obtain its full performance. Remember that the upgrades you have made in the prior vehicle are not compatible with the next vehicle. So, every time you unlock the next vehicle, you will need to upgrade from the beginning again.

Your first vehicle in Earn To Die 3 is the fire engine truck. When you finish the first level of the game, you will unlock the second vehicle, the red truck. And when you finish the second level, you will unlock the third and final vehicle, the military transport.

Your score for the day, which is also your cash, depends on the number of zombies you have killed and the distance you have reached. You will earn more cash if your vehicle performs better each day. So, keep on upgrading your vehicle at the end of the day to earn more cash. And the longer the distance you reach, the sooner you can finish the game. Play the game for free when you visit

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