First running adventure with Flood Runner 1

Flood Runner 1 is the first edition from the flash game series called Flood Runner. As the introductory edition, there are things that Flood Runner 1 offers and means. It is the one that will start the story that will circulate and develop as the series progresses. It will also serve as the benchmark of the challenges that will improve and develop in the series. This game is created in 2009 and the creator describes this game as a simple and very straightforward which means nothing too fancy or complicated to deal with.


This game features a stick figure character that is constantly running because of a definite reason. There are dangers chasing the stick figure character which are flood, lava and a giant. This game is about running and jumping through and over the obstacles and eventually reach the safe exit in each level. You can play this game online as many as you can and see what’s your record afterwards.

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