Enjoy playing Earn to die Super Wheel

One reason you would choose to play the Earn to Die game series is the addicting gameplay it brings. Aside from trying to reach your goal, you will also enjoy smashing zombies as you go on. And you simply have to drive, no pressure at all. It was mentioned in the first Earn to Die edition that the super wheel was missing. In fact, one wheel upgrade is not available.

But finally it was found in the sequel Earn to Die Super Wheel. As in its prequels, your aim is to drive to a safe place while plowing and crashing zombies trying to block your way. As you drive and smash zombies, you also earn cash which you can use to upgrade your vehicle. It is also your goal to buy the third and final vehicle for it is the only vehicle that has the capability to run until the goal line. In this game, it is like playing the first Earn To Die, only this time, all the upgrades are now complete. Plus everything was enhanced.


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