Cheer up the cute animals in Monkey Go Happy 8

Monkey is an animal that resembles certain features that a human has. There have been theories suggesting that humans have developed or evolved from monkeys. This animal has been considered as one of the most intelligent animals in the world because of two things. First is because they are clever and knows how to survive ahead of other animals. Second is because they have their own unique way of communication that are better than other creatures. There is no doubt that this animal has been incorporated in different entertainment medium. One good example is the game called Monkey Go Happy 8.

Monkey Go Happy 8 (3)

This is the eight serving from the flash game series called Monkey Go Happy. The scenario in this game is quite different from the previous editions because there are only five monkeys that the player has to deal with. He or she must be able to find ways to make or cheer up the five big monkeys. Do everything he or she can to put a big smile in their faces. Search for it now. Do you think you can finish this game? Let’s see.

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