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Get hooked in Earn To Die 3

The zombies are still on the loose. So you are still looking for a place where you can be safe and away from them. You will not give up and you cannot give up – not now. Play the famous Earn to Die game series and get hooked up with the disarray brought about by the zombie apocalypse.

In Earn to Die 2012, it was shown that you have made it to the helicopter. However, after a while, it lost fuel and so it fell down along with all the zombies clinging on to it. Luckily, you still survived. Having a radio, you heard a broadcast from the Exodus Military Base that all survivors are urged to come quick. They will hold back as long as they can. To get there, you need a vehicle.


In Earn To Die 3, also known as Earn To Die 3 2012 part 2, is the continuation of your journey to the Military Base via Desert Dash. In this phase, you will be using three vehicles again to reach your destination. And you will need to fully upgrade each vehicle to obtain its full performance. Remember that the upgrades you have made in the prior vehicle are not compatible with the next vehicle. So, every time you unlock the next vehicle, you will need to upgrade from the beginning again.

Your first vehicle in Earn To Die 3 is the fire engine truck. When you finish the first level of the game, you will unlock the second vehicle, the red truck. And when you finish the second level, you will unlock the third and final vehicle, the military transport.

Your score for the day, which is also your cash, depends on the number of zombies you have killed and the distance you have reached. You will earn more cash if your vehicle performs better each day. So, keep on upgrading your vehicle at the end of the day to earn more cash. And the longer the distance you reach, the sooner you can finish the game. Play the game for free when you visit

Free online games at Plimpi

If you are looking for a gaming website where you can play your favorite games or just any game, you will find sites like plimpi yepi and more. You will surely find what you are looking for. And you can even browse for other games which will fit your taste.


If you visit these sites, you can play your game all you want without the need to pay for anything. Playing in sites such as plimpi yepi are totally for free. That also means you do not have to create or login to any account before you can play. Simply go to their websites and look for your game or browse for a game which will interest you.

You will find a lot of games online which are totally for free which you will also find in gaming sites that offer free gaming. So why spend your cash or credit in sites that will ask you to pay first before you can play a game that is actually for free. Visit sites like plimpi yepi kizi before joining any gaming websites that will ask you pay or create any account in order to play their games. Aside from the hassle, it is unfair for you and even to game developers to pay for a game which was created for free play. You are also putting your privacy at risk if you give your personal information to gaming websites which are asking you to create or login to an account first before playing a game.


There may be online games which are not for free. But you should first aware yourself if the game developers are selling them at all. Or you can simply visit gaming websites like plimpi yepi and look for that game. If you do not find the game in gaming websites that offer free playing, that is the time you should first visit its official website to find out if it requires a fee to play it.

How to play duck life

If you are looking for an adventure game worth playing for, try the Duck Life game series. Each installment will make enjoy. As you go through each installment from the first Duck Life game, you will also notice the improvements made in every game release. Not to worry for you will learn how to play duck life.

The Duck Life game series is not only for grown-ups and adults. Even children can play the game. Aside from having no violence and foul words in the game, the graphics and concept will be very attractive for them. Children will be interested in Duck Life games because it has the concept of taking good care and training a pet. And in this game series, teaching a duckling. Of course, for very young kids, you will need to guide and teach them how to train the duckling in different skills.

Your main objective in Duck Life 1, 2, 3 and 4 is to train hard in the skills of running, flying, swimming and climbing. Although in the Duck Life 1, climbing is not included yet. Your goal is to join and win first place in all and every race or tournament there is in the game. If you win first place, you will win more cash and unlock more items beneficial to your game play.

The game interface of duck life games is very friendly and easy to learn. From Duck Life 1 to Duck Life 4, you will see on top of the screen the Levels of your duckling’s skills, the buttons for training, the game shop and the Options. As long as you can read and understand, you will not be lost in the game.


In Duck Life 5, however, the game did away from trainings and tournaments. Your main objective now is to find rare gems and the hidden treasures in the cave of the dormant volcano. There are several shops outside the volcano. All items you buy are not simply decorative. They boost your skills or your health or even protect you from any attacks. You can also buy pets which are very useful while you play. Not to worry, the interface remains user-friendly. Visit to know more and play the games all for free.

Red Ball Part 2

“If you love adventure and if you want to have some fun, have it all by playing Red Ball 2. This is a game where you can test you skill and ability in making a crucial decision. Red Ball 2 is a sequel of Red Ball game, one of the most played games online. This game has a little dramatic story.


One day, King Red Ball was walking and relaxing to catch some fresh air. While he was enjoying the moment, a strong wind came and got him by surprise. The wind drove his crown away. The King Red Ball walked around and looked everywhere to find his crown. Unfortunately, he was not able to find it. In that scenario, The King Red Ball is so worried because without his crown, his people in the kingdom might not able to identify him as their King. It is a great honor for you to help the King in finding his lost crown. Your journey with the King is not that easy. There are a lot of deadly obstacles along your way. While encountering with those deadly obstacles, elevate your excitement by getting all the stars as you go on your journey.

Collecting the stars is very vital in Red Ball 2 game sequel. You won’t be able to move to the next stage or level if you missed even a single star. You can monitor the number of stars to be collected, the number stars you missed and you can also track how many stars you have already collected. You can see them near the Level indicator located at the bottom corner of your screen. At the checkpoints, you have to pass the flags, do not ignore it or jump over. If you fall and die, you will return back to the last checkpoint you have reached.

There are twenty of exciting and challenging levels to look for the King Red Ball’s crown. Every level has a different environment. Just jump and roll in every level. Avoid all the obstacles and spikes ahead of you, those are very poisonous. After accomplishing your mission in helping the King Red Ball, you can go and visit the website of, there is another five more bonus levels to play.

Play Vex 3 and collect trophies

The internet is filled with so many online games of all genre. If you are into skill games, the Vex game series is a must try. See for yourself how far you could go without any help while at the same time enjoying this addicting game.

You choose whichever version you like to play first. However, it will be more exciting if you start with the original Vex game. Even though it is the first one, it already showed some level of difficulty especially in its few last Acts. But even so, you will find yourself seriously playing this addicting game. Vex 2 is another addicting game that will surely hook you up. In this sequel, the Acts get harder as obstacles get complicated.


Vex 3, the third installment, is said to be the hardest among the installments but probably the most addicting game. More kinds of obstacles were incorporated. More levels were added. There are new achievements to unlock. And the stick figure does not only run, jump, slide and swim. You will have to make him swing too and do some acrobatic stunts.

In the Main Menu, you will find the Play, Stage Builder, Trophies and Options. When you hit Play, you will land in the Tutorial. This will help you familiarize with how to control the stick figure and give you a general view of the game too. There are ten usual levels and nine challenge stages to complete. Try to complete each and every level in the shortest possible way and set a record. The Stage Builder was also improved. Unlike in the previous versions, there is no need to unlock building packs anymore. Even if you have not played the pre-developed game yet, you can already build a great level. And as you play, you will also unlock additional objects, obstacles and platforms for building stages. What more, you can save and share your work with family and friends.

The Trophies Room is the same as the Achievements Room in the previous version. However, as expected, this Trophies Room features forty new achievements to complete which are divided into four: the ten Standard Acts Trophies, the seven Awesome Stuff Trophies, the nineteen Hard Core Trophies and the four Completion Trophies.