Scary scenes in Synapsis 2

The 2nd version of the series Synapsis 2 is here, which is developed and presented by RobotJam And Rob Donkin. Cornered again, in a land of the dream that exists probably in our own skulls. So what do you think, the escape would be easy and simple, right? Asked this question because it’s your mind and brain after all. Your goals include searching the rooms to find the clues, reassembling the objects and items to open the doors, and repowering machines.
You are exploring your old memories and unconscious until the ultimate truth and fact comes. The game can be categorized as Puzzle Games, that was created and then launched at 14th of Oct, 2011. it’s being played more than 70 times daily. The game has some scary scenes, but it’s viewable for kids too. Try now.

Don’t touch in Scary Maze Game

There are many games available on the internet, but Scary Maze Game is bit different than other games through sound, quality and video effects. Let’s admit that it’s a boring game when a player starts it, but as long as he moves to the next levels, the game will surprise him when the game ends. This game is very popular in all over the world. Check the original source of the game. Many teens and kids had become addicted to the game and as you know, the world is spreading and increasing fast, this game has thousands of players from all over the world.
The idea and concept of the game are too simple. In fact, this game itself is very simple. No more instructions are needed to be learned, just follow a simple rule. Never touch the walls.

Scary Maze Game

Enjoy foreign cars in Rich Cars 3

Let’s start the engine as another death defying and thrilling game is ready. Rich Cars 3 has a wonderful dreamland, that is filled some special and unusual items. You will get an impression in this game that you will feel like to be a very rich guy. Feel free to check the game that is PUBLISHED HERE. In this game, your cars will be taken and occupied by the police as they are foreign and you must try to win all the races as this is the only way to get the bail to recover your fancy cars.
If you are the player who likes actions game to play then this 3rd version will definitely give you many hours of entertainment. Use these controls to maneuver your cars, the controls are Up arrow key, Down arrow key, Left and right arrow keys.

Rich Cars 3

Customizable characters in Feudalism 3

Get ready to have an amazing strategy and nicely presented game Feudalism 3, which is sponsored by a famous company Arcade Town. Although, the game was created only for teen, but it’s known that many elders are enjoying it extremely and they found it very entertaining. The action game has many weapons for the players, many characters, and a beautiful complex plot to enjoy. Several maps will be provided to you once you go ahead upgrading in the levels. This game has excellent quality with great graphics and perfect sound effects and lot of fun. Check this game and play it online by visiting this site
The game has not a thing that disappoint you, everything is able to keep you happy and entertained. The characters are flexible, it means you can customize them easily by just clicking the related buttons.

Feudalism 3

Enjoy online the Game of Life Online

The game named Game of Life Online was created by Milton Bradley and the developers have introduced it in the 1860s. The game is filled with many perfectly designed things that have entertained friends, families and children through the course of time. In 1998, Hasbro did release a CD-ROM version, and it’s available to purchase and can be played and enjoyed in the PC sets. Read full articles visiting this website
But today, when the technology has advanced, this game Game of Lif Online has a feature, so it can be played online too. It means that you can connect and interact with people willing to play throughout the globe. This new feature took the game to the new heights.