Twist and turn your world upside down in Shift 2

Help the shadow produced by experimentation escape and find its freedom in Shift 2. You are being tricked by the one created the shadow and he is trying everything he can to change your mind about escaping. The puzzle game is unique and you would feel challenged and puzzled on how to reach the door. It’s like a big question mark on every stage. The flipping of your character would change how the game really works. Find ways between the black and white walls to make your way out of the room.

Shift 2 (1)

Get to the room and find ways to avoid being torn between the jagged spikes. There are also keys that you pick up which open doors and move walls, as well as light bulbs that will make the checkered walls disappear. The game will make you feel nostalgic as games that came out in early 90s. It’s not just jumps but also the right timing. The game is recommend for all ages. Who likes solving and analyzing puzzles.The secret trophy in the end was nice and will make you feel worth playing it.

Scary Maze Game 5 keep you awake for nights

Are you tired of your common flash games? Well here is something you want to try out. It requires your full concentration and motor skills to proceed to the next level. You might also consider playing this to train your hands to be more accurate. And the best thing is, you get a surprise for getting lost to higher levels. That’s right, you get more surprises as you move on to higher levels and fail.

Scary Maze Game 5 lets you play on a mouse-only control. You just need to maneuver your mouse pointer to the finish line without touching the walls. But as you go on, you will encounter tighter spaces and trickier roads. You also need a steady hand and a sharp eye to get pass through those “just enough-spaces for the pointer” pathways. This is the perfect time for you to embody the phrase; slowly but surely. I must warn you, this game is not for the faint hearted. At high levels, just taking a breath would cause your mouse to move and get you failed, and eventually get the surprise. You also want to play this on broad daylight as your vision gets weaker if you play at night. But if you have a very good vision and do not plan on sleeping on the same night, you can always play it at night.

Always get a partner and enjoy this game together. Trying each other’s skill to see who can beat each other’s progress’ will let you set the bar higher as you play without even knowing it. After a player fails on a level, the other one can try to finish that level. Competition in any game makes it more fun, isn’t it? After playing Scary Maze Game 5 you will definitely get nerves of steel, a steady and accurate hand; and more sleepless nights.

Scary Maze Game 5 (2)

Find your way to level up in Submachine 3: The Loop

Submachine 3: The Loop is another challenging game from the series of the game Submachine. What makes this series more exciting and more challenging is that, this will give your mind some exercise because you have to solve puzzles and explore countless number of doors. Every level has only one background and this make you confused in attaining your goal.


Try your best to look for the main exit point because that will be your way up to the level of the game. You are allowed to go in the different rooms but if you don’t solve the puzzle you won’t be able to level up your game. If ever you lost yourself, you will get back in the room where you were started and do the same process. Always remember the code given in every level because you will need them every time you want to play the game.

Unique shooting game to tackle at Ricochet Kills 4

Shooting games are very popular through the years because of two reasons. First is because of the involvement of different shooting weapons like guns and rifle which most people are very passionate about. Second is because of the shooting action that takes place which excites and thrills most people or gamers. If you are looking for a good one, you can try the one called Ricochet Kills 4. This is the fourth offering from the game series called Ricochet Kills.


The main objective or goal of the players in each edition of the series is to shoot the target with the least possible shots. This come the projection and accuracy where one needs to strategize on how to make the shots ricochet from one target to another. The hitman is back in this game and has a new challenge of mowing enemies. In each level, you will be given 10 bullets which you should efficiently maximize. Make sure that you are good at making the bullets ricochet. Try your skills with shooting at

Enjoy playing Earn to die Super Wheel

One reason you would choose to play the Earn to Die game series is the addicting gameplay it brings. Aside from trying to reach your goal, you will also enjoy smashing zombies as you go on. And you simply have to drive, no pressure at all. It was mentioned in the first Earn to Die edition that the super wheel was missing. In fact, one wheel upgrade is not available.

But finally it was found in the sequel Earn to Die Super Wheel. As in its prequels, your aim is to drive to a safe place while plowing and crashing zombies trying to block your way. As you drive and smash zombies, you also earn cash which you can use to upgrade your vehicle. It is also your goal to buy the third and final vehicle for it is the only vehicle that has the capability to run until the goal line.