Collect the points with Bubble Shooter Games

Bubble Shooter Games are among the most favorite games of people who like video games and play them online. These games are easy to learn as well as easy to use and play. It is some type of mix of “Connect Four” and “Tetris”. That is the reason of why these are so easy and simple. Read more details about these games here

I am going to write some rules and notes on how you can control these games. Well, the mission of these games is collecting the points as much as you can. Those points can be collected by destroying the same colored bubbles. So you will need to connect at least 3 similar colored bubbles to burst them. An arrow can be found on the game’s bottom window, you can use it for making some directions.

Cactus McCoy 2 with a mysterious girl.

A thorny adventurer that has green skin, is back in this Cactus McCoy 2 game. The fortune of an entire culture is at a bet, Who is the one that can save them from a coming doom? Yes, only McCoy can do this. The story in this game begins with the hunting by McCoy for treasure hidden in a temple. While he tries to grab a polished trophy, a girl arrives, that is mysterious and impossible to understand, and she fights against McCoy to get the trophy from his hands.
Once the trophy is lifted in this Cactus McCoy 2, from his hands, the built in defense of that temple gets triggered which begins attacking. During escape from the temple, McCoy plays a trick against that girl and runs away, taking the trophy, but the floor of the temple starts spills sending the character (McCoy) to a new doom.

What is new in Run Ninja Run 2?

Run Ninja Run 2 is a second edition of this series. This 2nd edition is more attractive and you can use your skills in a more better way. The team has added more funny stuff in this edition to keep you busy while playing. More than 14 original action levels have been created in this new game.
All you need to have in this Run Ninja Run 2 is to run the man. The faster he runs, the more money you will collect. You will have this game opened until he stops because of any barrier you have not succeeded to lift. If you achieve the levels successfully, you will get chances to upgrade to next levels. This game is created by Flash games designer Pyrozen. This game is similar to Run Ninja Run 1, but some features and tools have been added in this new game.

Drive while Time Goes By

Are you fond of playing flash games online then one of the best option for a flash game out there is the Time Goes By. This online game is highly recommended and is considered to be one of the best driving games which consists of driving on a road with music being played in the background. So make sure you do not forget to turn on your speakers. You can also play your favorite music in the background while playing the Time goes by. This game is not at all aggressive; it is all about relaxing in your free time by leaving on a journey which is so pleasant and smooth without any disturbances coming your way.
The instructions which are required are very simple and can be followed by almost anyone very easily. All you need to do is use the four arrow keys on your keyboard for controlling your bike by moving from left to right, when the power in the bike is enough then you can also fly or jump by using the up arrow key and the spacebar. So be ready to play this high performance game and enjoy.

Train Mania-Take the Goods

Who doesn’t dream driving a train? if you like driving a train, you will definitely like the free online game Train Mania. There are 24 levels in this game where you need to carry supplies from one place to another through a challenging route.
You have to be careful while you accelerate your train in Train Mania. as there are many up and downs in the route, your train and supply will get damage, if you are not careful. Unless you carry the supplies carefully, you can’t complete a level in this game. Therefore, you need to figure out when you should accelerate and when you press the break button. Try to collect the stars as well to get more points. And don’t forget to add this game to your favorite one.