Race with the heat on Burnin Rubber 4

Driving games are fun to play because of three reasons. First is because it involves cars, motorcycles and other vehicle which most of us have fascination about. Second is because driving games enable to simulate how is it driving in real life through a virtual medium. Creators also took the chance to create or produce interesting games like Burnin Rubber 4. This igniting driving game will surely fire up gamers and other enthusiasts to drive the best vehicle possible. The objective of this game is to be the best racer amongst the competitors. Use every upgrade possible in order to perform very well and break time records as much as possible. The title Burnin Rubber 4 corresponds with the ignition happening while the player’s car is in full throtle and seems at its maximum speed which like creating a fire or heat.
Be fired up and beat other competitors in Burnin Rubber 4. Search it online and play it with your friends or family one at a time. Have a blast racing towards the finish line.

Burnin Rubber 4

Pick up the little monkeys on Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4

Game creators have a wide imagination that enable them to create interesting flash games that are well appreciated by gamers or players online. Themes like heroes, cartoon characters and skill-based are the usual themes that click too many individuals. However, as the world advances, a lot of changes have been seen, experienced and made. Now, animals are also inclined with flash games making them the lead character. A perfect example is Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4. If you are fond of monkeys, this is a treat for you.
Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4 is all about monkeys. The objective of the game is to make the mini monkeys happy again. The players need to follow certain instructions such as collect all the 15 mini monkeys, solve every puzzle presented, and shoot some stuff if necessary. This click and point game will surely hit the taste of young kids and even adults. Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4 is surely a game of cuteness and excitement. To get important source about third game, search it online and have fun.

Monkey go Happy mini monkeys 4

Another terrifying adventure in Scary Maze Game 4

Another terrifying sequel is back to make you wet yourselves in fear. Double the fear and double the excitement in the fourth installment of your favorite game series! In Scary Maze Game 4, you are tasked to maneuver the ball through the maze until it reached the end. And you have to do this without touching the walls or any other obstacles that might come in the way. With only a few levels to prove your worth, be sure to complete each level without failing. The consequences of failing might not please you. To start playing the game and to know more about it, click this link: http://www.playscarymazegame.net/scary-maze-game-4/

Scary Maze Game 4 is the fourth installment of one of the most popular game series online. It’s super fun, exciting and challenging. You can’t ask for anything more in a game.

Scary Maze Game 4


The creation of boat games enables player to enjoy water- related plays that usually brings the fun and excitement in different aspects. H2overdose Watercross is one of many boat games that exudes visual effects as well as features. A fame that involves water bike and different obstacles seems like a great challenge for every gamer.The rule of H2Overdose Watercross is quite challenging for three reasons.
First, one must be able to race using a water bike. Second, one must be able to hurdle obstacles that comes your way. Third, the gamer must be able to properly execute the tricks in order to advance in this fast-paced race. To be successful with H2Overdose Water cross, one must be able to focus and keep their eyes wide open to see the route, the obstacles and the tricks that needs to be executed in order to achieve progression in this exciting boat game. Search it now! Play it now! Enjoy this fast-paced flash game.

H2Overdose Watercross

H2Overdose Watercross 0

Beat the attackers in Return Man 1

Let’s play the first version of return man series called Return Man 1. Click this link to play this 1st part of the series. You should learn all controls to play this version because they will help you in the next versions because all the parts of series have the same controls to operate the games. The main controls are these keys, so write them down, these are I, J, and L. The extra key, which is the space bar, can also be applied in some cases.
The space bar key can help you tackle the dive avoiding being fallen into the attackers’ hands. A, D, and the S key can be used for special moving, such as swimming, sucking, and some other moves. The game is provided with an intensive flash player and you can easily handle it on your computer screen.

Return Man 1