Utilize a variety of weapons in Boxhead Zombie Wars

Do you believe in Zombies? Have you seen one in real life? There could be mixed reviews and answers with the questions asked because there is no clear explanation about their existence or non-existence. Nevertheless, the thought of them existing creeps out our minds, body and consciousness. That is the reason why these creatures are being incorporated in different entertainment medium such movies, television series and flash games. One great example is Boxhead Zombie Wars which is an example of a flash game.

Boxhead Zombie Wars

The objective of the players in this game is to fight an army of zombies coming to their way. There will be weapons presented in the game where some are ready to use while others are waiting to be unlocked. The players must utilize the weapons because the zombies are varied in motion and characteristics. Use the arrow keys for movements. Press X for next weapon while Z for previous weapons. The spacebar is used for using your chosen weapons.

Futuristic battle ahead in Plazma Burst 3

The future is indeed has a lot to offer but no one can specify or determine that development or change. It is a good thing to have a life with a bit of mystery in terms of what the future lies ahead. The future has been connected or incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies and television series.

Plazma Burst 3 (3)

There are two factors why the future is a good theme to be tackled in the mentioned entertainment mediums. One is because of the fact that it brings curiosity and widens our imagination. Second is because it is entertaining to know or even guess what the future will be. There is already a flash game that incorporates the future and it is called Plazma Burst 3. This is a futuristic shooting game in which you will have to deal with futuristic cyborgs and robots. You will have to eliminate the enemies as much as possible. Utilize different weapons presented in the game. There are four exciting levels that you can enjoy if you will visit now its main website which is www.plazmaburst3.org.

Play It Tough With Goodgame Gangster!

Boys who like to fight and take different missions will definitely love this game! As the title explains, in Goodgame Gangster you are playing as a gangster and you need to complete certain missions. Firstly, you will choose and customize your character. You can choose a male of female character. You can make it the way you want. After your are done with this step you visit your Godfather who sets you on missions. You can also choose a mission you want to complete.

Goodgame Gangster (3)

Can you imagine what type of missions can receive a gangster like this one? Of course to eliminate some bad guys. If you complete the mission successfully you get a reward. As you complete missions you upgrade and with the money you earn you can buy different items like pistols, bullets and other stuff that you need. Arrows will be showing you your steps and make you familiar with the game. So discover this amazing game and have a time of your life!

It is baking time with Let’s Get Bakin

Baking is one of the activities that most people enjoy during their free time because it is a good way to relax and have fun at the same time. Kids and even adults are enjoying this activity as well as the tasting part where the palates are satisfied to the fullest. Game producers have wisely introduced flash games about baking because they see a great demand of gamers around the world. One of them is the one entitled Let’s Get Bakin.


The player will be performing in a bakery since it is all about baking. Imagine having your own bakery and there are different tasks or duties that you have to fulfill. These duties involve assisting customers and getting their orders. Next is the baking process in which you should follow the instructions on the screen. There are 13 recipes available. You just have to be focused and discipline so you can earn enough income from the bakery. This game is a good medium to at least practice your baking skills.

It is village-protecting time in Boulder Basher 2

Do you have any idea what is Boulder Basher 2? Is it a movie, television series, advertisement, or a flash game? If you are not familiar with it, don’t worry because this article will help you be familiar with controls and objectives of this game.


In Boulder Basher 2, you will have to deal with unusual enemies or opponents like wizards and giants. This game has a magical touch because of the presence of the said creatures. Do your best in this game in order to successfully defend your beloved village from intruders or invaders. Just like what is stated in the previous paragraph, this is a matter of defending the village from giants and wizards. There will be boulders that are set up to destroy the village so you must destroy or eliminate the boulders by using the mouse to remove them and bring them back to the green dudes. Be strategic and wise while playing this game in order to succeed in your mission.